Our Workshop

This photograph shows a quiet corner of our comprehensively stocked workshop.

extensions Burton On TrentFor security reasons, we don’t want to show all the machinery and tools that we possess, but our workshop contains virtually everything required to manufacture anything in wood that any restoration project would require.

We have a planer thickness morticer, lathe, bandsaws, table saws and spindle moulder, to name but a few!

If we manufacture timber elements and structures of a restoration project, you can be sure that:

1) The cost is kept to a minimum as the ‘middle-man’ does not exist.

2) The piece that we manufacture will definitely fit!

This is all part of the comprehensive, professional and dedicated attitude to projects that Martin, Steven and Shane bring to their work. It’s not a job, it’s a life committed to preserving and enhancing the work of craftsmen who are long since gone, but their legacy deserves respect worthy of preservation.