Lead Channelling

This listed farmhouse roof at Hammerwich in Staffordshire required complete replacement of the lead channels in the gable valleys, as they were leaking very badly.

channel-0035 metres of old leadwork and rotten wooden channeling beneath was replaced in its entirety by Martin and his team. The  deterioration of the existing channels had not been helped by the fact that the original builder had not put a gravity drop into the channels. Hence, water would sit in small puddles rather than drain away to the guttering as it should be designed to do.

This situation was especially worsened in the winter, when snow would collect in the channels, and thawing off-runs of water would remain static for days on end until the snow had almost all melted.









channel-001Martin started off by constructing new timber staging for the channels, each with a drop factor of  just over 1:80. This is sufficient to cause water to run freely at a speed whereby the channels are less likely to clog up, as the water inside them flows quickly enough to carry small foreign bodies away.








channel-002After the timber staging was added, lead was dressed and welded at 1500mm intervals.










channel-09You can see the professionalism and attention to detail from these images here.channel-10