Curved Wall Restoration

This curved and alcoved brick wall was a decorative feature within the curtilage of a listed property in Staffordshire.

derelict boundary wallThe wall separated one section of the gardens from the patio of the house, and had crumbled so badly that it had become quite dangerous as well as being an eyesore.

The wall was so badly deteriorated that it had to be rebuilt almost from scratch by Martin and his team. This was no mean feat as the curvature, height and thickness of the original wall had to be mimicked to the millimetre!












curved-wall-before-4First, most of the original wall was demolished, and bricks re-used where possible.







curved-wall-after9Then the task of rebuilding started . . .










wall repair 3

Then the rendering, picked out with identical faux-blockwork style to the house, was painstakingly applied.











The finished article was a work of art – proudly showed here by Shane!

The stone ball was worth a fortune, and was craned off and on with extreme care, put back into place using steel rods as the original wall’s designer intended.