Chimney Repairs

Martin reckons that over the years he’s been up more chimneys than Santa Claus!

Knight and Sons specialise in the rebuilding, re-pointing, re-flashing, lining and re-flaunching of chimneys. Whatever the type of property, whatever size and shape of the chimney, you can be fairly certain that Martin and his lads have fixed a similar one.

Here is an example of some recent substantial repairs.

Here you can see a pair of before and after photos from a Victorian terraced property on Shobnall Street in Burton Upon Trent.

chimney repairs Burton On Trent

Note how the bricks have deteriorated so badly, that an almost complete rebuild was required.  This chimney was, in fact, extremely dangerous, and could have fallen into the child’s bedroom below.

Martin, Steven and Shane rebuilt the chimney using appropriate reclaimed bricks to keep the character and construction technique identical to the original 1850’s construction.

Here is a closer view:

chimney repair close up

chimney flaunching


The top of the neighbouring chimney was also in a terrible mess, and required removing and re-flaunching, but Martin ensured that a very minimum amount of debris was allowed to fall down the interior of the chimney into the breast beneath.