Bay Window

Martin and Sons restored this listed building’s Bay Window, together with the floor and oak beam above.

bay-window-400This window was rotten through, so Martin was called upon to repair it to listed building standard.

The photo shows an oak beam running across its very top edge, which, as it should be, is straight and level. However, when Martin and Sons arrived, that beam was sagging heavily,  and was badly twisted, such that it would probably collapse, and made the replacement of the bay window construction impossible.

Consequently, the team installed a steel joist internally above the beam, then jacked the beam from below into contact, and invisibly fastened the wood to the steel. The nett result was a straight oak original beam that appeared to be supporting the roof, but was, in fact, itself supported from above. The use of a steel joist meant that the building was now much safer than it was originally, whilst preserving perfect aesthetics.

The lower casements in the bay windows were re-manufactured, the upper ones repaired, and a new oak planked floor installed over the original floorboards.