Architectural History

Martin is a keen enthusiast on architectural history, in particular the construction of timber framed houses. As part of the restoration, renovation and repair of these structures, Martin studies reference books to help create innovative solutions to problems he encounters when faced with problems on site.

Hewett ‘English Historic Carpentry -ISBN 978-0-941936-41-5. p198

Virtually every timber framed building is different, with various methods of jointing, bonding, architectural styles etc. Here are just a few of the diagrams, photos and references that Martin shows to clients to explain the repair and reconstruction processes.

Martin would like to thank the copyright authors of the following illustrations from his various reference books (captioned where appropriate).

Tusk Tenon Joint (Benson Gruber ISBN 978-0684-17286-6) p44

Dovetail Joint – Benson /Gruber – Building a timber framed house- ISBN 978-0684-17286-6) p45

Half lap with through-post tenon (Benson Gruber ISBN 978-0684-17286-6) p64